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Advanced Charting Flash Cards: Want to quickly define the many trading patterns available in the market? This great flash card set shows the different candle stick patterns along with the technical charting patterns they make up. Learn the textbook definitions, average success rates of the patterns as well as corresponding ‘ideal’ candlesticks.

25 Different Chart Patterns

  • Bear Flag Pattern
  • Bullish Ascending Triangle Pattern
  • Bullish Pennant Pattern
  • Bearish Rectangle Pattern
  • Bearish Pennant Pattern
  • Bearish Rising Wedge Pattern
  • Bearish Symmetrical Pattern
  • Bullish Falling Wedge Pattern
  • Bull Flag Pattern
  • Bullish Flat Base Pattern
  • Bullish Rectangle Pattern
  • Bullish Symmetrical Triangle Pattern
  • Bump And Run Top Pattern
  • Cup With Handle Pattern
  • Bearish Descending Triangle Pattern
  • Dead Cat Bounce Pattern
  • Double Bottom Pattern
  • Double Top Pattern
  • Triple Top Pattern
  • Head And Shoulders Pattern
  • Inverted Head And Shoulders Pattern
  • Overhead Supply
  • Rounding Top Pattern
  • Triple Top Pattern
  • Base On a Base Pattern

Identifying chart patterns is simply a system for predicting stock market trends and potential buy points. Literally hundreds of years of price charts have clearly shown that prices move in trends. With the increased use of personal computing, these patterns are now viewed by an increasing numbers of investors further solidifying their worth. These behaviors often form chart patterns that are proven to help the individual investor. Some patterns have a higher forecasting ability than others. Each Flashcard, which is printed on sturdy, 90 lb. paper, comes with the pattern in candlesticks on one side and the description of the pattern on the reverse including a Description, Success Rate, Duration, Volume, Risks, and insights on how to Trade that particular Pattern. You’ll also learn that these patterns are effective in multiple time frames – i.e. yearly chart and 5-min chart.

sample card: (front)

On the back of each card is a chart with no text.  You'll learn to simply glance at a chart and know what the pattern is.

sample card: (back)

We have researched the most popular and most common and made these flashcards with you in mind – the individual investor – looking to sharpen his or her pattern recognition skills.

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