Sunday, November 17, 2019

Some big moves in stocks this past week tells us that 'risk on' is back in favor again, as many momentum stocks made big gains with some up as much as $25 this past week and others up in the $10 to $15 range. Large moves should continue into the end of this year.

Letís move on to a few leading indexes.

TBA = Technical Buy Area

Letís start off with Cardlytics Inc. (CDLX), that soared $16 this past week due to earnings news and then on to many other large gainers.

Letís move on to some Chinese stocks with a few having some very good moves such as Luckin Coffee (LK) that soared $5 on massive volume and was a chat room favorite on Friday due to earnings news that showed revenues were up 517% to $216 million and earnings that were down .31. These stocks are prone to be vulnerable to news on the China trade deal and tweets that come regularly these days, which leads one to consider these on down days generally.

Hope to see you in my chatroom Monday and back here Monday night.

Daniel J. Zanger