Sunday, July 19, 2020

After 14 weeks of incredible upside behavior, stocks are starting to get sloppy with some coming down off their prior highs while stocks with a potential vaccine for Covid-19 are soaring, with some up 200% in just a month or so.

Letís start off with the S&P-500 and then on to the Nasdaq.

TBA = Technical Buy Area

Stocks that are in the race to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 are leading the charge and heading up in spectacular fashion. Letís start off with Novavax Inc. (NVAX) that is rocketing higher and is the leader of this select group of stocks.

Letís start off with a few big cap names that Iíve not had here in quite a while.

Now on to many of the leaders that are looking tired overall after massive gains.

I hope to see you in my chat room Monday and back here Monday night.

Daniel J. Zanger