Monday, June 19, 2017

More record highs in the SP-500 and Dow today, with the NDX gapping off the 50-day moving average line I highlighted on its chart last night. Technology and Finance sectors found traction again with Apple and JPMorgan Chase leading the respective gains. Biotech and Chinese stocks showed comparable strength. With all this being said, total market volume was 6.3 billion shares, just slightly under the 20 day average of 6.8 billion shares. Though promising, a quick review of the NDX and stock charts below will show the need for some healthy bases and consolidation before we get the all clear signal.

TBA = Technical Buy Area

Now letís review some leading Chinese stocks that had a good day.

Now on to some Biotech stocks that also did well today.

I hope to see you in the chat room Tuesday and Wednesday and then back here Wednesday night.

Daniel J. Zanger