Monday, April 16, 2018

Minor progress today with commodities making the best gains in oil names. With momentum stocks lacking proper base patterns right now, it is difficult to buy these for more than just a quick trade. Earnings season is upon us now which makes it a good time to review my 10 Golden Rules and Trading Tips as stocks start to report results.

Click the link here to review my 10 Golden Rules and Trading Tips.

Letís start with the leading indexes.

TBA = Technical Buy Area

My short-term oscillator closed tonight at plus 27 which is getting closer to overbought conditions that begin at plus 40.

Now letís review some stocks though many need more time to rebuild.

Chinese stocks have been tarred and feathered over the last month, though I will show one tonight that is still setting up for earnings due out next month.

I look forward to seeing you in my chat room tomorrow and Wednesday and then back here for an update on our stocks Wednesday night.

Daniel J. Zanger