More Testimonials from Members:

I wanted to say thank you for starting this website and keeping it running as efficiently as you do.I have been a stockbroker for close to 30 years. With your help and my experience both my clients and I have had record year in performance. My personal taxable acct is up more than 600% this year. I appreciate the symbols that show up that I never would have looked at on my own. Danos or Cm’s advice about raising cash in February help performance immensely. I thank you. My family thanks you and my clients who don’t know of you thank you. Be safe and have a great holiday.

Robert G


Since your 2012 seminar I have turned less than $12,000 into over $2,400,000.00 in just 4 years. Thank you for your Newsletter and training!


Dear Dan,

I wanted to share with you my trading success. My total profit is: $239,000.00 over the last 3 months using your Newsletter.

This was HUGE for me. After experiencing 2 major blows ups.

I vowed that would never, EVER, happen to me again. Luckily, I found you and have benefited greatly from your hard fought expertise in these markets. I am a better trader because of your rules, lessons and outlook. Thank you for bringing a new perspective to my trading. I only wish I had found you sooner!


Hello Dan, My parents are celebrating their 47th Wedding Anniversary today and I had the great pleasure of letting them know that I had surpassed $1,000,000.00 in profits year to date!!

..... I have been reading your news letter and benefiting from your information for over a year now....Priceless, amazing, unbelievable,... I could go on and on.... Just wanted to say thanks for all the dreams you have allowed me to turn into reality... All my thanks,

Jeffrey S.


Over $47,000.00 in gains on SHOP from your Newsletter. THANK YOU!!!

Mike K

Hey Dan, first off want to say thank you for an incredible six months of of trading, when I joined chartpattern my portfolio was down 50 percent for the year, six months later its up 400 percent and change! Thanks.

Greg Berg

Dear Dan,

I wanted to reach out and thank you. I have loved trading since I first learned about it in community college some 17 years ago. Never believing I could do it for a living, I stuck with value investing and did that successfully for fun. A couple years ago I stumbled on your website and decided I would learn something new. I kept your service for almost a year, but stopped when I realized I needed to learn how to fish. It took me some time (and I’m still learning!), but after studying hard (O’Neil books, Mark Douglas books, my results, charts, and my spreadsheets from your newsletter results), it finally started to gel. While I always did fairly well with my investments, my results this year have allowed me to fulfill something that had eluded me for so long; I can do what I love and make money. This is what I’ve always been passionate about and I feel so fortunate to be able to do it. Thank you for your part in helping to fulfill a dream of mine. Regards,


Thanks Dan. I have invested with a broker for the last 30 years and have not made $30,000. I am new to your chat room and website. I took your advice and I have made $90,000+ profit this year. You provide a great service! I am learning everyday. I owe you.

Thanks Bill S

I have been trading stocks for 8 years. Every year I have reported negative returns. After 1 month with you and I am buying a new house. I close in 2 weeks. Thank you from my son & I both!!!!! As a single Father this is the best present I ever gave my child.

Adam Hartway

Hi Dan, I have been trading for two years now and I have tried seven (7) different stock analysis services. Some of them cost up to $400.00 a month. Yours, however, is the only one to help me make money. I have been a ChartPattern member for less than a month and I have already made more money with you than with the other seven services combined. Thanks so much for the service; I know you don’t need to do this to make a living.

Thoraya Zedan

IT Consultant


I made over 100k in the past few days. Thank you for the big winners!

Brian Whit

Dan; your daily newsletter is great, as is your weekly radio program and the chat room is indispensable.I've learned more the past few weeks through these avenues than I have over the past 2 years reading books (over 50 books), newspapers and studying charts on my own. I only wished I'd learned of you and your services back then.I intend to renew my membership for a longer period of time when it comes due.

Regards, Kevin Turner

I just wanted to thank you sooo much and to let you know how talented you are as if you didnt already know. but the main thing is you share your talent with us and that is sooo great as alot of people in your position would never take the time to answer e-mails and stay in a chatroom all day with his customers.

John P. Allen

I've been reading your letter since April, 1999. In the beginning I just "watched" while I basically played my own stocks... I was lucky in that I didn't lose ALL of my capital and just maintained my funds. The turning point for me was last year's correction. Your call was to go to cash -- I sat on my stock picks thinking you were nuts... Market bounced back a tad (I thought you were even more nuts!!). Market TANKED....... My stocks tanked.... I swore I'd then heed your call next time in going to cash! After that correction, I started using the model portfolio and your weekly stock selections -- though not to a T, which has been my biggest problem.... I sold many way too early always wanting to lock in gains (not a horrible thing, however...) ... Anyway, ended up nicely ---> +200% gain for the year and very happy.

Got your letter tonight, am mainly in cash and will watch on the sidelines or with some breakdown shorts... It takes a while to go thru the cycles and to understand and to finally believe in them... but I'm there and I appreciate all your business has done for me.

Joanne G

Hi Dan,
I attended your seminar in May. Since your seminar, I made over $200,000 on your long trades from May through July. Because of the correction, I haven't traded during August, until August 15th, and shorted RIMM and ICE, after your calls, and made $35,000, for two days, during the market's steep decline. Thank you for your newsletter, seminar, and your messages in the chatroom. Thank you for being a great trader and not just another guru, whose salesmanship is better than his trading. I have been a successful trader, that has traded for a living for many years, and you have made me a lot better trader.
Thank you very much.
David Frank

Over the months I've been following you, I can safely say you've helped me get rid of my worse habits, like not cutting my losses fast enough and selling way too soon. You've made my education more than all the books I've read, and believe me I feel like I've read them all. I look forward to many more months and years of trading and investing with you.



Your seminars and newsletters have guided me to make over 10,000,000.00 and keep it as well. I started with your newsletter, knowing nothing about how the market works. This past year's bear market has given me the experience to understand why you say "trust no stock". Your model portfolio picks in up-trending markets have been phenomenal with the likes of Qualcomm and others, and employing tight stops have protected us on the downside. I used to be a buy hold, panic and puke kind of investor, but with your seminars and newsletters I now know how to be safe and profitable in a market that can punish those who fail to follow your "10 Golden Rules". See you at the next seminar.

Mark D.

Dan, I’ve been following your moves for some time now and just love the way you buy stocks and tell us about the biggest winners in the market before they make a big move. I finally stepped-in and bought Research in Motion (RIMM) when you said to, and voila’, I made close to $21,000 in one day, it’s so easy to make money when you follow your Golden Rules of the web site and buy the big moving stocks when you say to. You’re the real deal!

Sincerely Freddy M.

After looking at our phenomenal gains this past 2 weeks in our Chartpattern portfolio, we just had to send you another "thank you"! Needless to say we were absolutely thrilled, but at the same time, it scared the hell out of us because like everyone else, we all like preserving whatever gains we’ve made so far, but at the same time, like to maximize our investment on any particular stock.

Your past call on QCOM was absolutely brilliant! We made some 570 points (pre-split price) and you got us out within a few points of the top! And it hasn't even come close to those levels since then!

Best wishes and Thank You,

Ron and Jackie C

Dan, You've been KILLING it lately- and I've been right there with you. I have been trading for 8 years-and I love your service. I trade the momentum stocks that you list and I trade em all. The stocks you list are the ones where the action is- and you are right on when you say to buy these. I was long RIMM overnight the night it gapped up $10 and ran another $13 for a one day total of $23 , and I was long TASR overnignt last night when it gapped up 6 points and then ran another 10 for a one day gain of $16.

As we used to say in the good 'ol days...I've had a great year this month! Keep 'em coming! Find some more winners for us! You Da Man!

I tell all of my trader buddies about your service. Anyone who is SERIOUS about trading needs to study your newsletter, and learn to think like you do.

Best wishes for our continued success!!

Mark Matthews

You're an amazing man. I just wish I could afford to buy all your picks.(I'm getting there...well, not yet!). I got into FDRY at 158 when you said. Up 36 didn't sell VERT when you told me to buy CMRC. So I own VERT, CMRC and FDRY. To buy CMRC, I sold my NETE - which is the one that you helped me make 800 % on.. = ) Thanks. (I wish I could've afforded PHCM on the same day-- that one went up $24 today.) Unbelievable!

Jack S.


I just wanted to thank you for helping me to achieve my best trade to date. On May 3rd 2005,I purchased 25 June 230 strike Goog calls at $8.10 per contract. I held them for about 5 weeks and sold them at $60.00 per contract. Your newsletter and chatroom are the best in the business. Thank you!!

Harleygirl in the chat room

Dear Dan,

I had the best week ever in my ten-year trading career: I made close to six digits in four days on my stocks! My year-to-date return (8-months) is about 180%! No way I could do this without you!

Since I joined service over two years ago, I have learned so much from you: how to find big movers; how to trade on breakouts; when to use margin or preserve capital during different market conditions. Your seminars and the chat room were amazingly helpful to me, too! The more I follow your guidance, the better I've got trading. You said: Never leave the market, and never quit learning! How true! Thanks again for helping me achieve my American dream!

Sincerely yours,

Angela Zhou

I am 23 years old and have been trading for about a year after graduating from college - mostly following you. Came to your seminar in March, study the charts every day and love it. I had been looking for a job forever and learning from you really was my most valuable bargaining chip in interviews. I was doing well trading but thought it was more important as a 23 year old to have a secure job. Just got one a couple weeks ago in Wealth Management at Deutsche Bank - helping out on the equity side with charts, technical's, and any stories I pick up on. Thanks again for all you have taught me - it is a great service you do and there's nothing better than learning from the best. If you ever need anything or want any research reports let me know. I know you are busy during the day so feel free to respond at a later time if you get a second - mostly just wanted to say thanks. Best, Seldon

With the help of Zanger’s picks and studying the charts, I was able to realize a gain of 140% in 2010 (122% in my IRA, 25% in my Trading Account with a .7% loss in my 401K). I would highly recommend it as long as you are willing to put in the work. Thanks Dano. Regards, Jeb

Dan, Just a note of thanks for your recommendation of 100% cash back in mid March 2000. I have a buddy who kept cost averaging down only to be down about 200K now and another buddy who sold his business to day trade full time, now he is looking for a job. I kept telling them what you said but they would not listen. My retirement mutual funds got hurt but not too bad, they are long term anyway. Again, thanks for the cash call and I am looking forward to the ride back up with you.

Keith Hubbard

Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in analysis and recomendations. I myself am a technical analyst for last 3 years. I came across your interview 3 months ago on Business2000 TV and since then I have been a subscriber of ChartPattern.Com. Until then I was always intimidated with internet stocks. From the time I became your subscriber, I have started playing internet stocks (both your picks and my picks) that are coming out of the baseing pattern with volume confirmations. Thanks to you, during last three months I had a sizable increase in my profits and my trading account size. -Dev Westwood, LA.

After entering the stock market in the summer of 1999, I started investing on various stocks and sure enough, before I knew it, I was down about $50,000.

After someone recommended your site, I started following your advice and within 4 weeks I was able to recover all my losses. I took your advice and started investing in companies that you suggested. I must say I have never met anyone so accurate in your selection of stocks. I read your letters and try to understand your logic behind each of the chart patterns. You are an incredible stock analyst. I call you the "TSG" "THE STOCK GURU"

Recently I followed your advice on cashing out in mid March 2000 and thats exactly what I did. Boy I am so glad I did what you said.....You are the best.

Al Dhanji

There is so much I would like to say to you but time is as always limited. Let me just say in one word Thank you. I listened to you speak at the AIQ conference last month and at first thought, man this guy's wacky, but soon came to the relization that, no in fact you were just brutally honest, and boy I could appreciate that. The point I would like to make here is at the time you spoke I was down roughly 30% in my portfolio. After coming home with your lecture fresh in mind and changing my attitude and trading style, my portfoilio is just a hair from being back to unchanged. To me, considering the market condition I like that.

Thanks Scott.

Hi Dan, I am a new trial member and I think this is a great site. Your stock commentary is easy to read and follow, and your charts are easy to read and understand. I have been in the business for almost 21 years and I am still learning things. Your insight is a gift. Never lose it. Thanks again and "Happy Trading." I look forward to your next letter with great anticipation.

Dean Wilson

Dear Dan:

Your seminar was awesome!!!!. Thanks for showing and sharing what you do in the market on the 12th of May 2001. I really didn't know what to expect. In fact the last technical analysis seminar I went to, I brought a keg of Mountain Dew and No Doze Pills and it didn't phase me: I was board to tears and didn't want to learn. You were funny, informative, real life and I learned a ton. I have been trading since 1995. In one account I made $2,000,000 from $40,000 in 3 years. I have traded millions for my family and friends, pre-March 2000. You told me stuff I have never heard before and I have been to a ton of seminars and have put a lot of them myself as well.

I didn't know if you were going to just cover some high points and some fluffy --- It was anything but that, you showed/shared and walk us through what made money - what worked and what didn't, it was hard hitting - no fluff!!!. It was refreshing and I was Wowed!

Positively, M. J. Black

Travelling across the Atlantic for a seminar may seem ridiculous, however it was definately worth the trip. Dan is a master of his craft and in his workshop he shares the techniques he uses to find stocks that are ready to make a sigificant move. I gained more value from one day at his seminar than several days at other events. Meeting other traders from the chat room was an added bonus.

Alan Jelly from the U.K.

I am new to the newsletter, but I do like how you trade--the day trading newsletters out there are a dime a dozen. Yours is great and exactly what i was looking for. Great call on the gold stocks.

Thanks, Jean L.

I'm a trader from the CBOT for 25 years and I also know tech. analysis but it's more fun when someone else does it for you. I no longer trade in the pits and now I trade stocks and options on the internet in az, I am also a female!!!!!!!!! and I must say that you are quite good...isn't it fun to trade, when we are making money!!!!!!!!!!.......thanks..


Thanks for an absolutely AWESOME year!.... My personal best ever.... way over 100%. WOW. That may not sound like a lot to you, but I learned my lesson the HARD way in early 1999 about taxes and margin and that quickly pulled a 250k portfolio down to 32k. OUCH. That's what I get for listening to a full-service broker telling me, "They will come back"... "are you a long-term trader or short-term trader?".... "don't sell now".... Well, I fired his ass earlier this year and now my portfolio is back up over a third of a million (net). Thanks nearly entirely to your ideas/methods. THANKS. I'll never be in that predicament again, if I have anything to say about it.


HI Dan - I've been a subscriber for a couple of months now and am truly amazed at what you have accomplished. It's uncanny how accurate you are with your picks. I've been a believer of Technical analysis for a long time but have had difficulties putting it all together as well as you have. It's amazing how you use the simplest of things (price and volume) to make your decisions. I am now confident that I can throw away all that other "noise" surrounding my past technical analysis mistakes. My question to you is when and where is your next seminar? I am very interested in seeing you speak live.

Thank You, Bill Griffith

Hi Dan, Just a quick note to thank you and your team for putting on such a professional, interesting and informative workshop on Saturday June 26th, 2004. I find it very difficult to suggest how it could have been improved -good work. It was worth the journey from Scotland.

Many thanks again. George Sword

OK guys..this one is special. I'm posting this interview with Dan Zanger..which recently appeared in Active Trader Magazine. This is perhaps one of the best interviews that I've read. Dan Zanger started with 11k dollars and turned it into over 20 million inside of 18 months during the last big bull market. He is influenced by William O'Neil, Jesse Livermore, and Nicolas Darvas among other great traders. His uses a modified Can Slim approach to his trading and believes in heavy margin and pyramiding. He focuses more on the chart patterns than does William O'Neil. For instance...Zanger believes that certain patterns such as flags and pennants, wedges and such are signifigant..where as O'Neil doesn't consider many of these patterns reliable. O'Neil likes to see longer patterns such as those on the weekly chart(such as bases). Zanger focuses more on the daily chart...very similar to the Darvas methods. Zanger cuts his losses more quickly than the typical Can Slim methods teach us. This interview is so good that I almost do not want to post it here. You know it's good when you are afraid you are giving away proprietary information. Infact..I'm shocked that Zanger was so revealing. Please save the article if you want..I may come back and delete this post in a few days. You can go to and get a free trial to Zanger's newsletter. I subscribe and it is excellent. The letter keeps me in tune with the market leadership...and I am learning much about the technical side of things. Zanger is a very solid technician!

Kevin Pickell

Dano, I just wanted to send you a note to make you aware of the consequences of your service. When I started trading I knew nothing -- I wanted to ride the bandwagon like everyone else in 2000 and I lost almost everything. It was devastating, but I decided not to give up -- I'm smart and have always done well in whatever I have been interested in and I loved trading, but I just couldn't stop the bleeding. I decided that I couldn't do this alone and I needed to learn something about the market-- to stand on the shoulders of the giants instead of trying to slosh around myself. I then found your site (actually my wife found it!) and I took a 3 week trial in 2004-- it was a flattish time for the market and after 3 weeks I didn't sign up but something remained with me, a voice in the back of my head. Several weeks later I returned and joined as a member and started looking at the chart patterns you have on the site, listening to your radio show, and started reading your previous articles. I knew then that the only way to make it in the market was to listen to you and follow your footsteps. After that I really hunkered down and started to focus. I printed out the charts of my trades and wrote down notes and kept going back to your articles. I watched stocks constantly until they became my buddies. It finally has come together for me and the pieces have fallen together and after several years of groping in the dark I can happily say that I'm a decent trader now making 200K+ a year (which of course is pennies for you-- but I am an independent trader making a decent consistent salary and I can't tell you how happy that makes me). This is all thanks to you -- I just wanted to let you know personally how you touch the lives of others with your service. If it weren't for you I'd probably be stuck in some 9-5 office job which would have sucked out a bit of my soul every day. Many thanks. Your very loyal subscriber,


Thanks for taking care of this so quickly. Just a quick note....Although I'm not new to trading, momentum breakouts, technical analysis etc., it never ceases to amaze me how much one can learn from someone else.

In this day of scam artists willing to sell anything from a 'holy grail' blackbox system, software, and chat rooms costing several hundred dollars a month, you offer something much more valuable; you actually teach people how to function in the markets. And you do so for a very reasonable cost. It's something others aren't willing or able to do. As of this writing, I'm up 48% YTD, and it's not even February yet! Better still, it isn't luck or coincidence.

I'm sure I speak on behalf of the other members, thank you for your dedication, persistance and tireless efforts to educate and help others succeed. Your insight is invaluable, and your genuineness is rare. Finding a quality person willing to share his experiences in this business is refreshing.

Thanks again, I wouldn't be where I am without your teachings on 'how to fish'. I'm excited to be a member, and I look forward to seeing you in May at your seminar. Regards,


Dan, I have been trading for 20 years, but I have never captured a major moving stock until I started following you 3 years ago. You have taught me to concentrate my shares in the major movers and I continue to learn. I caught TASR last year for $750,000 when my old gains were usually in the $1000 to $3000 range. This year (2005) thanks to you, I have realized over $1,750,000 in Google Inc. (GOOG) in just 5 weeks, which is nothing short of amazing! I go to every seminar you give and I imagine I can afford your service for a little while longer (Ha.Ha.) Thanks for everything.


Today is my biggest one-day gain - almost 6 figures gain. Thanks for your wisdom. When some people in the chat room today felt the market might sell off after the Fed announcement, but you said judging by the way BIDU was breaking out today, you did not feel the market would sell off. I had a lot of calls of GS, BSC, MA & some stocks such as BIDU, etc. What you said stopped me from selling any before the Fed announcement. What you said came from your many years of experience. Can't find it in any books or from "financial experts".
You are the best.
By the way, I’ve been to your seminar 3 times & been a subscriber for many years, Still learning.

I went to your seminar and ever since I have become more consistent in my trading. In April 2013, I quit my regular job to trade full time and in my first year I had a 125% gain. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!

~Scotty J.

Nobody comes close to his strategy, technique, but most of all his execution. Stay with Dan and you will do very well. As I say in the chat room, Dan is the man!!!!!!!!


I've been to 3 of Dan's seminars where he communicates like no other about price/action of markets and leading stocks. My recent purchase of a south beach condo is a reminder to me that if you listen to what Dan is saying (and i mean don't just hear but listen) your trading will win out.


I have been learning and applying pattern analysis for 8 years before joining Chartpattern. I was hoping to find not just a picking service but a mentor that I could learn, improve and advance with - I found that here beyond my expectations. I joined the service in June and at end of year I have a 300+% gain overall. This is not just because of picks, but the reasoning and thought behind the picks that comes in the newsletters and live chat. Dan has focused my thinking by his example in the daily market; how to see the leaders, what they tell about sectors that are moving, when to be aggressive and when to be cautious. His guidance in the chat has been impeccable. . I couldn't be happier and feel very lucky Dan has created such a great value.


I have been to several of Dan's seminars and found them to provide invaluable information. No two are exactly a like as we have to adjust our trading style to the ever-changing market place. Dan is a true master at capturing the nuances of these changes and exploiting them to his and to our benefit. This is the only site that I have ever endorsed and couldn't recommend it more highly.

~Ed S.

Hey Dan, just a thank you! Bought CME on 3/9/09 thru 3/11/09 between 191.55 - 197.05 after you mentioned $190-$200 buy range. Sold 6/4 thru 6/18 @ $329.56 - $341.42. I held per your 10 Golden Rules and was never was down from my purchase and scaled back as the stock was going up. Great pick and made me $971,000.00 profit in just 3 months.

Thank you!


In the 5+ years that I have been here Dano has NEVER missed protecting us from a major market meltdown – not many people out there can make that claim. And as any experienced trader knows capital preservation (both monetary and mental) is crucial for long-term success. Thanks.


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